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Currently, across the U.S., nearly 100 million homes are without a high speed internet connection. 35 million residents within our country alone are unable to afford broadband internet service.Low Income Internet provides affordable cable TV and low internet access to hundreds of thousands of homes nationwide. COmpare our rates to the rates of all other ISP providers and you'll see why we're the logical choice.
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Read your news online, job hunt, chat with friends, do homework, the possibilities are endless, and if you can do it for a cheaper price, it only makes sense.

Low Income Internet was spawned from the idea of a government initiative called "Connect to Compete". Under the Connect to Compete program, In order to qualify for the low income internet access discount, residents must have at least one child participating in a free or reduced lunch program. Those that participate in other subsidy programs such as Section 8, W.I.C, PG&E low income assistance, Safelink wireless, and other state-run assistance and low income subsidy and utility assistance programs may qualify for other similar assistance programs that provide reduced price internet programs.

Low Cost Internet Service is Available in all states! and signing up is easy. Simply input your address to verify coverage in your area and you will be provided with one or more rates for companies nearest you that provide affordable internet and cable TV services in your area. You'll then be asked for some basic account information, it's just that simple. After you provide basic account details, you'll be able to schedule an installation date.
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